From My Hands

by Congenital Death

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released December 14, 2012

Recorded & Mixed by Brandon Bost
Mastered by Justin Hollis and Congenital Death
Artwork / Layout by Jess Kuronen
Additional Vocals by Keith Lynn

Ranch Records

Molars and Fangs




Congenital Death Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Moniz Therapy
i don't need a push
to sink down in my own pitfalls
your directionless slight
like blind fighting blind
a guilt ridden life
worse than the one you protect
it proves all in all
you don't know your own side

you’ve led us straight into a maze
a mental prison that consumed me
a blow to the head

your teeth hide your forked tongue
but i want the world to see
from my hands to your throat

i once believed in change
but it's hard to hope for with you in the way
no need to break me at the knees
i couldn't find my way out if i tried

i can feel it bearing down
through my bones, behind my eyes, i feel inside
you blurred what’s me and took the rest
it's just a matter of time
Track Name: World B. Free
all my standards
cynical days roll
should i really bother
tread through this sea of shit

is it time to compromise
my integrity to feed complacency?
does questioning equate degradation?

am i in it to help,
or am i really just a jerk?

do people live this way?
should i care?
do people live if this real?

just leave them be
why not?

drive my conscious static out
drain my brain
Track Name: Dry Rot Pulpit
just why?
just empathize

thousands old stories that you put me through
i can't believe why, can't believe lies
now i'm through with you
and it stops here

it's not hard to learn to separate
humor from ignorance
Track Name: Collapse
my skies are devoid of gods
my grounds are missing demons
i'd kill to believe in anything
but i still don't have a reason

my head is clear
thoughts unbiased
not ruled by one single purpose
panoptic god
behavioral change
adverse to pain

blind me
lead me
fool me
leave me
Track Name: Disapproval
disapproving of everything
i can’t recall a time that I was happy
i don’t know what i enjoy, don’t know what i don’t hate
hell won’t be this miserable if it exists

death’s by my side

(i am tortured)
you make it hard to breathe
(you make me sick)
calling yourself domestic
(you’re a human being)
and i don’t enjoy your company
(you set standards)
it’s not okay to call me that i disapprove

deserving the worst of it all, you are wrong
no good addition to the human race
abuse is contagious, but it’s no excuse for this behavior
i don’t know why i’m alive, don’t know why i exist
you don’t make me fucking smile, you make me fucking cringe